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* This site is using the Layer By Layer Method that Jessica Fridrich developed.
Please have fun. and Good luck!

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You go to Frame page, when you click Frame type page icon.
Other icons go to the "No-Frame" page.
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The official site of JRCA (Japan Rubik's Cube Association) was now opened!
The official site of JRCA(Japan Rubik's Cube Association) was now opened!
. For the visit person of English
Thank you for visiting it in my page !
I made an interesting page on the Rubik's cube. This page is in Japanese, but you can translate it using Excite translator (http://www.excite.co.jp/world/url/)
Copy the URL, click on the second radio button and then the big gray button.
URL of this page, https://www.planet-puzzle.com/index.html

I recommend the possibility browser that displays the frame. I am using IE 6.0 of Microsoft. In Netscape Navigator, There is Java Applet that does not act in part.
Please try the link of this.
In case that the Turn-symbol is not translated precisely with your browser.
WEB translator (http://sangenjaya.arc.net.my/url/index-j.html)
At first, Check it to the radio button of the left top of a green area. This means that it translates it into English from Japanese.
Next, Please stick the URL of the page that you want to read.
At last, Click the gray button of the right. Then the page is translated.
Probably, This link takes the trouble of translating the solution precisely.
If you want to read only the Turn-symbol, that you might had better not use translation.
And please check the language encoding of your browser. Please have fun. (^^)

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