"Make The Ultimate Mix Revenge (Print page)"

< At first, Prepare the Revenge that solved it. >
If you start it in the same condition as a left figure it will become the same condition as a completion figure. Even if the coloring of your Revenge differs in case, "Ultimate Mix Revenge" will solve it if you do not mistake this solution. You shall not lose sight of the direction of the face. It becomes the figure on the left after each solution.
< It makes the Edge-peace Ultimate Mix Condition >
The solution of under is all the same actions. I change the direction of Revenge 6 times and be doing the same solution. In fact you turn it as the turn symbol.
on F face (Length direction) [ l r D2 - l' r' D2 ]
on F face (Side direction) [ u d L2 - u' d' L2 ]
on R face (Length direction) [ f b D2 - f' b' D2 ]
on R face (Side direction) [ u d F2 - u' d' F2 ]
on U face (Length direction) [ l r F2 - l' r' F2 ]
on U face (Side direction) [ b f L2 - b' f' L2 ]
< It makes the Corner-cube Ultimate Mix Condition >
This is a long solution. Please turn it so as not to mistake.

「 F2 R D2 L - R2 D2 U2 B2 F2 - R' D' - B2 F2 L2 R2 - U R' F2 」
< Center-peace of the U-face and D-face are moved >
This solution makes 4 center peaces of the U-faces Blue, and makes 4 center-peaces of the D-faces White.

「 b2 r2 b2 r2 」
< Exchange the Center-peace of the F-B face and L-R face >
Attention, [u] and [d'] turn it toward the L face.

「 u (l2 r2) u' - d' (l2 r2) d 」
< Center-peace of the F-face and B-face are moved >
This solution arranges the Orange and Red of the Center-peace of the F and B face to length. After this solution, Compare the coloring of the Center-piece of the F face and B face with a left figure.

「 B - d2 (l2 r2) d2 (l2 r2) - B' 」
< Center-peace of the L-face and R-face are moved >
This solution makes Center-peace of the L-face and R-face the Checks.

「 u2 f2 u2 f2 」
< The last solution for "Ultimate Mix Revenge" >
After this last solution your Revenge becomes Ultimate Mix Revenge. Figure on the left is a completion figure.

「 f u2 f' u2 - u l u' l' - u2 b u2 b' - u2 r u2 r' 」
Congratulations! Could you have fun? Thank you. (^^)